Celebrating the Earth

Planting PeppersAs many of you know, this week had two major Earth celebration days. Earth Day, which was this past Tuesday, and Arbor Day, which takes place on the last Friday in April, (today!).  These two days allow us to focus on the Earth and all that it provides. In our busy lives we often forget to stop and think about how everything we use, draw energy from, and consume comes from the resources on our planet. Also, we forget that without conscious care and moderation, these resources could become a scarcity. So, this week really got us thinking about our environmental stewardship as a company.

Hill Country Market is located next to Breezy Hill Nursery, who partnered with local area schools this week to plant trees and discuss the importance of Arbor Day with the students. We know Breezy Hill is always invested in the care of the environment, but what are some things Hill Country Market does?

At Hill Country Market we feature a variety of organic products. Not only that, but our produce, meat, tea and coffee come from environmentally conscious companies that we are proud to partner with. We are constantly considering what we can do as a store to minimize waste and run cleanly. The product we bring in and make, seeks to call attention to the Earth and what it provides by featuring more natural ingredients.

While we can always improve, we appreciate that Earth Day and Arbor Day serve as reminders to continue being environmentally conscious.

Have a great weekend!

-Hill Country Market

April Cheese Of The Month!

We have a variety of unique and amazing cheeses here at Hill Country Market. Not only do we have local Wisconsin cheese, but we also have cheese from around the globe. This month we’re featuring The Drunken Goat. The name says it all, goat cheese and delicious red wine.

April Cheese of the Month for web


Still not convinced? Just take a look at the description of this cheese and you’ll be sold. “Semi-soft Goat Cheese Bathed in Red Wine”. That’s right, “…bathed in Red Wine.”

To top it off, our cheese expert has picked a great wine to enjoy along with this tasty and unique cheese. Try a Pinot Noir such as Simple Life.

April Cheese of the Month with Choice Wine for Web

Hill Country Market’s cheese of the month, The Drunken Goat and Simple Life Pinot Noir are perfect for a gathering of friends, or a quiet night at home.