August Cheese and Wine of the Month

It’s time for our cheese of the month and boy is it a tasty one! Try Manchego cheese. Manchego cheese is a mild cheese made from sheep milk and imported from Spain. We carry both three-month Manchego and 12 month.

Three-month aged Manchego has a mild flavor with a soft, creamy taste. The 12 month is a delicious option for those of you who enjoy a strong or sharp flavor. Both are absolutely delicious and great to pair with unique wines and fruit. It’s the perfect late summer cheese and a great addition to any picnic outing or grilled meal.

August cheese of the month

Our wine of the month is a terrific Sauvignon Blanc, Fair Trade wine titled, Six Hats.

For those of you who enjoy supporting brands and companies with great missions in mind for both global and local communities, this is an ideal wine. The ‘six hats’ stand for, Partnership, Change, Potential, Equity, Dignity and Sustainability. Check out their site for more information on this company’s ethics and mission.

August wine and cheeseEnjoy and thanks for following!


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